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Fisher Island FL Locksmith Store, Fisher Island, FL 786-312-1198Break-ins and burglary are becoming very common these days. The biggest reason for this is the fact that most of the locks that we use in our homes are old or outdated. Having a penetrable locking system encourages the thieves to try to steal your belongings and cause possible harm to your family physically as well as mentally. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you amp up the security of your residence in such a way that it becomes robust and almost impenetrable. If you are in Fisher Island, you can call Fisher Island FL Locksmith Store and we will not only upgrade the locks, but also suggest ways that will make your home safe and secure.

Our superior technology and a team of best professional locksmiths in Fisher Island, FL enable us to provide the highest quality residential locksmith service. You can call us for a range of services starting from residential lockout assistance to serious home security issues that require immediate assistance.

Broken locks 

Locks can break for a number of reasons and it is important to replace locks that cannot be repaired. It is important to hire a locksmith service that knows locks of every kind, no matter new or old. Our team is trained to tackle any kind of locking systems and can replace locks instantly. If it is possible to salvage the lock of your home, then you can be rest assured that our technician will do everything possible so that you don’t have to pay extra for a new lock.

Key cutting

Making new keys that have been lost and misplaced is something that we specialize in. We have assisted our clients countless times in case of a residential lockout. We will reach you in our vans which are equipped with the latest key cutting tools. Our team can also rekey locks, duplicate keys and much more, based on your requirement. 

Home security

Our locksmiths double up as security experts who know what to do in case you want to beef up the security of your home. Call us and we will send a team to your location that will do a detailed inspection of your home and suggest improvements that can range from a simple lock change to installation of high – security locks.

Eviction service

Keeping a former tenant out of your home can be a bit tricky if you are not sure if the tenant still has spare keys or not. In such a situation it is better to rekey all the locks or install new locks that will entirely keep the tenant out of your home. Our team has handled such delicate situations and knows how important it is to provide precise and efficient eviction locksmith services. 

Fisher Island FL Locksmith Store, Fisher Island, FL 786-312-1198

Our wide range of residential locksmith services includes:

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith service
  • Anytime and anywhere service in Fisher Island
  • Swift assistance in the case of residential lockout  
  • Key cutting and key duplication assistance
  • Installation of advanced and high quality locks
  • Lock repairs and lock changes in minutes
  • Master key systems for maximum security
  •  Eviction services for protection against stubborn tenants
  • House locksmith for every lock & key needs
  • Door repairs and entry doors installation
  • Deadbolt and peephole installation
  • Installation of garage door locks
  • Garage door installation


We have a long list of clients who have trusted us for several years to provide them with best – in – class residential locksmith services. They are loyal to our services and ours is the first name that comes to their mind when they ever need assistance for making their home more secure. So, call us today @ 786-312-1198 and join a list of satisfied and happy clients.