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We are the industry leaders when it comes to providing commercial locksmith services. We have served almost every business in Fisher Island, including major businesses and commercial setups. We provide custom solutions that are specific to the business and the type of business. Some of our clients come from the following list:

  • Fisher Island FL Locksmith Store, Fisher Island, FL 786-312-1198Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Med – care centers
  • Parking spaces
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Assisted living spaces
  • Colleges
  • Cafes
  • Apartments
  • Office spaces
  • Restaurants

It is important for a business to maintain and keep their locking systems up to date. While places like banks and restaurants have cash that needs security, an office space will need high security to prevent the loss of company information. That is why it is important to install locks that are specific to their needs. Our team at Fisher Island FL Locksmith Store has been serving our commercial locksmith clients for a long time now and you can also use their services to improve the security of your business. We know how important it is to protect a business and all its components that is why we provide 24 hour services to all our commercial clients.

Lock damage

No matter the quality of the locks, over time they wear out due to various external conditions that are beyond our control. It is important to identify such locks that need immediate repair or replacement before they become the reason for any business loss. Get in touch with us and we will repair the lock and make the place safe again. Not only that if the lock is damaged beyond repairs and warrants immediate replacement - we will install a new lock instantly so that there is no drop in your business’s productivity.

Advanced lock systems

Locking systems for every business are different, but there are certain areas that you want to protect dearly even from some of your own employees. Advanced locking systems are built specifically to give you control of who can enter which part of your business. Digital locks that cannot be hacked, installing keypad locks and setting up keyless entry locks that eliminate the possibility of duplication are some of the locks that we recommend and install for various businesses in Fisher Island.

Key replacement services

It is common for a business to lose or misplace a key. Before the key falls into the hands of unwanted and naughty sources, it is important to make duplicate keys or rekey the lock so that the lost key becomes useless. We are also experts at removing broken keys, setting up master key systems and creating high – security keys.

File cabinet locks

Files and documents contain confidential information that needs to be safeguarded. Having weak and old locks in place for important files is never advised. Call us and we will install high quality locks that will protect important data of your business from falling into the wrong hands.

Emergency exit locks

In case of an emergency it is always a good idea to use the emergency exits and making sure that the emergency exits have the right locking system in place is important for every establishment. Push bars and panic locks should be installed at every emergency exit to keep you, your customers and employees safe. Our technicians will install, repair and provide the required maintenance for all your emergency exit locks at affordable prices.

Fisher Island FL Locksmith Store, Fisher Island, FL 786-312-1198Our services include the following:

  • Commercial lockout assistance
  • Key cutting for traditional and advanced locks
  • Installation of keypad locks
  • Installation of digital locks that cannot be hacked
  • Rekey locks and install new ones where necessary
  • Magnetic locks 
  • Development of master key system
  • Broken lock and key repair
  • Providing security experts for improved security
  • Locking systems with full control over who enters the building
  • File cabinet locks
  • Push bar and other emergency exit lock installation


We know how a business works and what the areas that need protection are. Call us @ 786-312-1198 and we will review your business location and provide the best solution for your business security needs.